• So what's it like working with us? Challenging? Always - Rewarding? Absolutely...

  • So what's it like working with us? Hard Work? Phew Fun? Indubitably

  • So what's it like working with us? Exciting? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Oportunities to grow? Every day

    Who are we looking for

    If you are the kind of person who cares about your environment, your workplace and the people you work with, Expert welcomes you with open arms. Bringing a positive attitude along to work with you will make the world of difference.

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    Our characteristics determine who we are, how we behave, how we work. Honesty, respect and friendliness are at the top of our list alongside loyalty - our team is loyal to one another, which enables us to deliver excellent performance. We make sure we have fun along the way too.

    Part of the community

    'I like the family feel within the department and that people care for one another. The loyalty of our existing team is a testament that we really do live and breathe the culture - the people appreciate it and want to stay and work for us' 'the Expert team feels like a family'